The Community Party Catalog was a catalog that was accessible in the Town Center during the Community Party

Items Edit

Image Item Type
70px Blue Stars Background Background
70px Pumpkin Patch Background Background
70px You're A Star Background Background
70px Treasure Map Background Background
70px Blue Duck Body Item
70px Silver Whistle Neck Item
70px Smoke Goggles Face Item
70px Green Sunglasses Face Item
70px Snowflake Mask Face Item
70px Crimson Shades Face Item
70px Diva Sunglasses Face Item
70px Mime Face Paint Face Item
70px Alumni Jacket Body Item
70px Sunken Treasure Neck Item
70px Island Tube Body Item
70px Black and White Pizza Body Item
70px Black Sunglasses Face Item
70px Black Bowtie Neck Item
70px Black O'berry Hoodie Body Item
70px Black Puffle Slippers Feet Item
70px T-Rex Puffle Cap Head Item
70px Black Puffle Balloon Hand Item
70px Mike Costume Body Item
70px Nick Wilde Mask Head Item
70px Nick Wilde Costume Body Item
70px Nemo Costume Body Item
70px Dory Costume Body Item
70px Personal Flurry Head Item

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